Comfortable and Casual

Today I’m bringing back a post from the old blog regarding my work attire. I was writing this post around October, right before Halloween, and it was a time when I was longing for my vacations with the family but I was still very busy with work. I like this post a lot because it’s from a time when my previous blog really took a change and my audience had already matured quite enough. Sorry this post is not in English and Spanish, I’ll try to do that with the new content every Wednesday, but the old posts are going to come back just in English. Without much further ado, here it is, the Comfortable and Casual entry.

If there’s something that really helps me to break out of the monotony of routine is figuring out what to wear to the office each day. As I had mentioned before, I work in the information technologies world, which is not quite known for being a super fashionable industry. It’s an awesome experience though, to have to deal with challenging problems each day around how to make everyone’s life easier by the means of technology. If you ask me, that’s probably what I like the most about what I do: shaping the way people get stuff done and how they interact with each other. That leaves, however, very little space to fashion. It doesn’t mean though people in IT don’t have a personal style. For instance, with regards to the leaders of tech, could you have pictured Steve Jobs wearing something besides his trademark black turtleneck? Or imagine Bill Gates without his round glasses and a sweater vest? Or even think about Mark Zuckerberg not wearing one of his now iconic hoodies? Every person, techie or not, has his or her own unique style.

I can’t define in one word my personal style for work, but if I had to identify it with two it would be comfortable and casual. Usually I like to wear button-downs paired with jeans or informal pants. It’s incredible how you can really lift some nice-fitting jeans or pants with a dress shirt. In this case, I chose a plaid white-and-blue shirt with a very light sweater. I paired that up with a brown belt and brown shoes. Remember as a rule of thumb to match the color of your belt and shoes, or at least pick very similar tones. Finally, since it’s been getting colder lately, I picked this gray jacket with leather patches that complements the look pretty well. So what do you guys think? What do you like to wear to work? Share your ideas below, and once again thanks for taking the time to check out my blog; it means so much to me. I hope you guys have a great week and remember to keep stylish! Till next Wednesday!

Shirt J Crew, Sweater Carolina Herrera (Similar look also by Carolina Herrera), Belt Club Monaco, Jacket Armani ExchangeΒ (Similar also by Armani Exchange), Shoes Aldo

  1. Love your style and blog πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks for stopping by! Means a lot!



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