Just Obey Yourself

This post comes from when I had the pleasure of meeting with one of my favorite Bloggers out there, and someone that was a great inspiration for me to start doing this as well: the joyful and ultra-trendy Kimberly. She’s a recruiter at the company that I work in, and she’s a total rockstar! She’s super passionate about the job she does, and like me, she shares a great obsession for style and fashion. Kimberly has been super busy lately, traveling all across the country to recruit the best and brightest, but we’re looking forward to collaborating more often in the upcoming future. If you have a chance please check out her Blog, it’s really awesome. Thanks Kim for these amazing pictures and for showing me your special location for taking photos, I freaking loved them!

For this entry, I want to touch base on another very important aspect of style, which is picking the right accessories. Accessories can really bring your attire to the next level. Whether it’s a nice hat, weather appropriate gloves, chains or necklaces, rings, and what not, the key is to be simple and to don’t overdo it. Today the centerpiece of my outfit was my Obey hat. I love text and graphics on clothing. I think these garments are really bold and I personally feel that they tell something by themselves. In some occasions, these can be a little bit difficult to combine with other elements, so whenever I wear text I try to use only one piece of clothing that has letters on it; it just keeps the balance in the overall look. 

Let me tell you a story about how Obey started. Obey is a campaign that started in Rhode Island in 1989. It’s founder, Shepard Fairey, was inspired by the Do It Yourself culture of punk rock and skateboarding, and initially it began as street art. Later on, he created the iconic Obey sticker, and a clothing brand that represented both his ideology and the spirit of self-empowerment. There’s actually no meaning to the Obey trademark itself. It’s intended to be just that, a word, and it’s the people who wear it the ones that can give it meaning based on their own style and clothing.

In my opinion, Obey is about stepping out of what companies tell you to wear and just wear what you want. In a way, it’s about just obeying yourself, if that makes any sense. I particularly love this hat, and for this post I decided to pair it with a plaid shirt, which can never go wrong during fall in the PNW, and my joggers. What do you think about this outfit? Is there any piece of clothing that you like because it says something about you? Let me know in the comments section below, and thanks for reading and commenting on social networks as well. Till next week!

Hat Obey, Plaid shirt J. Crew, Undershirt Zara, Joggers Topman, Shoes Clark’s

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    1. I love these shoes as well because of all they’ve been through (I mean Seattle weather is super mean to most shoes) and still they look as good as new! Thanks for reading :)!



  1. Me gusto mucho el look!!! muyyy casuall! para salir a un parque, o a un mall no se para caminar en la calle, un NYC por ejemplo.

    Creo que hiciste un muyy muy buen trabajo en hacer resaltar la gorra. Creo que lo que ayudo fue la camisa, hace que pop out. Aparte no usar lentes o asi para no sobrecargar la cara. Ya con los pantalones y los zapatos de esos colores lo haces ver muy ground down y partes tu cuerpo para que no se vea de linea recta.

    I approved 😉

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    1. Gracias por el comentario! Que bueno que te gusto el look porque este look es totalmente yo, casual, con un poquito de “edge” con la gorra con el texto y la camisa de cuadros, y claro es un buen look para pasear o caminar por las calles de la ciudad. Ademas es muy Seattle, siento que va muy ad hoc con la ciudad donde vivo. Gracias por leer y por la retro amigo!



  2. […] degrees. I paired these two with my Obey hat, which you have already seen in previous posts like this one, and my Sperry boat shoes. Since it was a very relaxing weekend I wanted to wear a comfortable […]



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