City of Mountains

There’s no place like home, some people say. And it really is amazing when after being away for so long, you come back home and you feel that some part of you never left; that’s what I felt when I went to my hometown Monterrey for a friend’s wedding this past weekend. Monterrey, also known as the city of mountains because of its location, crowning the Sierra Madre Oriental and sitting by the natural wonder that is Cerro de La Silla, is one of Mexico’s most important economic centers and one of its largest cities.

Monterrey is full of amazing features that really make it one of a kind. It’s weather is probably one of the most extreme I’ve ever experienced, having temperature drops of more than 40F (20C) on the same day during the fall and spring months, hurricanes that seldomly visit us but can cause great damage during the summer, extreme heat conditions for 4 or 5 months of the year, and even snowfall once every 5 years or so. That makes visiting the city a clothing challenge, since depending of the time of year, one must be prepared for almost anything anytime.

For my trip to Monterrey, I brought leather boots, since they are warm enough for a cold morning or evening, and they will protect you against heavy rain (which indeed happened during my stay unsurprisingly). It started pretty warm though, so I packed multiple long-sleeve button downs light enough for a slightly warm day, and a new pair of burgundy joggers which I still can’t explain how in love I am with these, so comfy and stylish at the same time. Since Monterrey is a city that receives over 200 days of clear skies and strong sunlight per year, I couldn’t miss a good pair of sunnies with this outfit as well. Of course by the end of my stay it was rainy, cold, and windy, so the things I packed ended up being a little too light. Next time I’ll bring a heavier jacket with me, just in case Monterrey decides to be Monterrey.

In the pictures below you can see me rocking the ensemble I described above in the rooftop deck above my house. As you can see, I live right by the mountain foothills, and it’s a really wonderful sight. Up straight ahead from us there’s a beautiful church which I always found quite charming, a bit contrasting with the rest of the neighborhood which is way more modern. So what do you think? Does my outfit match these great surroundings? I loved sharing a little more about my life with you: the place where I grew up in and a city I have a special place in my heart for. I want to give a shout out to my brother for taking these pictures for me and thanks to you my readers for stopping by. If you get the chance, visit Monterrey because it’s a great place and it has really cool things to offer. That’s all for now, think of paying a visit to Monterrey soon? As always remember to keep stylish and I’ll see you back really soon with a new post. Till the next!

Shirt Club Monaco (Similar from Express), Joggers The Rail from Nordstrom, Boots Aldo, Shades Burberry

  1. Your outfit encompasses your description of Monterrey. It shows a semi-modern/ edgy aspect that not many guys can pull off. 👍

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    1. Thanks for reading! I’m glad my point of view came across that way :). Take a look at some of my other posts, I always try to match my outfit with some aspect of my surroundings.

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  2. Hey boo! One of my favorite posts to date. Your description of Monterrey is lovely! I could totally picture myself there after reading the first couple of paragraphs. I’m on my way home from the mall. Just bought my first pair of joggers!! I’m going to wear them for you at our next meet up :-*

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    1. Omg we will be joggers buddies!! Of course they’ll look much better on you than me haha but I’d gladly take some shoots with you. I’m happy you liked the post, if you get the chance with all your travels you should go to Monterrey! It’s close and similar to Texas, try it in one of your Austin trips. Can’t wait to see you next week!



    1. Thank you!! Links to items are at the bottom of the post if you’re interested in getting one of them. Thanks for reading and stopping by!



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