Mixed Prints

Hi all!! It’s post-back Thursday (yes, this is actually a thing now) and today I’m bringing back one of my favorite color combinations from the old blog. These pics were shot by Kimberly when I had my little camera incident during my Detroit trip. You’re totes amazing for taking the photos with your camera for this shoot Kim, you really made my day. You guys should for sure stop by her blog and share some love while you’re at it. Hope you like it!

Alright, so winter is settling in already. Can you believe a couple posts back I was still wearing short sleeves and shorts? These past few mornings I have felt the necessity of taking out the warm outwear from my closet and drawers. I love doing this because layering winter clothes is like painting on a blank canvas. The possibilities are endless; there is (almost) no way of getting it wrong this time of the year. I mean you have the excuse that you don’t want to freeze in the cold, right? Furthermore, it’s a time when you want to stand out in color, since the sun mischievously hides behind the clouds and you don’t want to look all gray and dull.

Take a look at this combination of winter prints. Each piece by itself is already pretty colorful, but it’s not until you put them together that magic happens. The key here is to know how to overlay the patterns. The vest has a square pattern, while the sweater has a horizontal one. This works well because the horizontal lines blend in, creating a sense of continuation. The vertical lines of the vest though still stand out, and it gives it the pop that just takes it to the next level. Then I just paired the mix with light blue chinos and my favorite shades.

I loved how this outfit turned out in the wilderness that we have in our backyard. What’s your take on this? Like the idea? Now you can mix your favorite prints on this winter season and just knock it out of the park everyday. Feel free to share your comments and thanks for stopping by today. Till next time!

Vest Springfield, Sweater J Crew (Similar also by J Crew), Chinos J Crew (Similar by Volcom at Nordstrom), Boots Aldo (Similar also by Aldo), Shades Burberry

Photos via Kimmy Win

  1. Thanks for the shout out, handsome!! I absolutely loved this look! So glad we found this beautiful area to take shots!!

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    1. No boo thanks to you for taking the amazing shots, I LOVED them! Omg seeing you was definitely the highlight from the day, I’m so excited about doing the post about the pics we just took 🙂 see you when I come back!!!



  2. Me gusto mucho el look, y mas con el contraste del bosque y sus colores. Creo que es un look asi para un tiempo fresco que todavia no requieres alguna bufada o asi. Con el simple sweeter y chaleco tienes.

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  3. […] remember from the Blue Valentine post. Last but not least, I’m wearing the sweater from my Mixed Prints post, with just a simple baby blue button-down from Club Monaco. It is the combination of these, […]



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