Day to be thank(hope)ful

Thanksgiving is that day of the year when we can take a moment in retrospective and be grateful for the good things we have in our lives. I, personally, have a lot of things to be thankful for. I’m thankful for my beautiful family and wonderful friends both in Seattle and back in Mexico, because you guys are the keystones in my life and keep everything in place. I feel grateful for having a job which makes me leave bed everyday with excitement and in wonder of what’s going to happen next. I thank you guys for being the best audience ever and for providing me with so much feedback and encouragement to continue with this project. Finally, I’m thankful just for being alive and healthy, and for having so many good things happening in my life right now. I couldn’t ask for more.

I also want to step back and think about those who are not as fortunate. Those who can’t enjoy the holidays under a roof, who are in sickness or with grief from a loved one, and those who can’t live in peace and freely. For those people who live in troubled environments, or whose freedom has been threatened by someone or something you can’t control, for all of you I’m being hopeful. I hope that you may soon find that relief and happiness we all look for, and that is ultimately why we are all here. I believe there’s only one thing that divides being thankful from being hopeful, and that’s looking towards the future. The future can always be better, for everyone, and I feel this day is also a good time for being hopeful because the world needs it.

Having said that, let’s talk now about my Thanksgiving evening and about fashion, which is what the blog is about, right? Since my family is far away, this year I had my typical Friendsgiving dinner. My friend Arturo (who took these pictures for me, thank you so much, I loved them!) hosted myself and a coworker of his at his apartment for the big celebration. As you can see, Arturo is not only an amazing decorator (his apartment had already been perfectly decorated for the Holidays) but also a great cook! He prepared turkey, mashed potatoes, pasta, and gravy for a wonderful dinner where we all had a great time. Thanks Arturo for such a lovely evening! For his dinner, I decided to wear a formal blazer and pants combination that I got from two of my favorite shops, Club Monaco and J Crew. I’m also wearing a loose tie, which is a cool way of wearing a tie and it’s starting to show up in some of the magazines, and my shirt was elbow-patched which is also beginning to trend this season. Finally I’m rocking some black shoes with colored socks (always a way to have fun with an outfit). So what do you think? Does this look rise to the occasion?

I hope you guys have a great week and once again thanks for stopping by. This weekend I’m traveling to Mexico, so for the next post I’ll share with you some pics of the city I grew up in. Keep stylish, as always, and put your best look forward for the Holidays with these tips (links to most of the articles down below). Till next week!

Blazer Club Monaco, Elbow-patch shirt J Crew, Tie J Crew, Pants J Crew, Belt Zara, Shoes Gran Emyco, Watch Michael Kors

  1. Beautiful thoughts, Hector! Your tgives outfit is on point. Looking forward to pictures of Mexico next week!!

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    1. Thank you Kimmy! Yeah I wanted to show something a bit more formal this time for people that are wondering what to wear for the holidays. Hope you like my city 😀 it’s really beautiful, surrounded by mountains and all. Thanks for the love!!



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