Scarves and Cardigans

Hi guys! This week I decided to amp it up a bit, so here goes one of my favorite posts so far. First of all, I want to thank my friend Lourdez for the pictures, I loved them! Lourdez is a photographer, and she contacted me because she’s been reading my blog lately. She told me that she wanted to take a few photos of me to include in her portfolio. I’m so thankful that you chose me for your portfolio photo shoot; you’re so talented with the camera! Also Lourdez did the editing for me this time, so all the picture credits go to you. Now let’s talk about the outfit.

On this occasion, I really wanted to give you guys some stuff that you could be actionable on (as in “I want those shoes! How can I get them?”). I’ve included links to some of the articles I’m wearing down below, so I really did my research online to find most of the stuff. Here I’m wearing a very simple, though ageless combination of varsity cardigan with a monochromatic striped scarf. I can’t understate how well scarves and cardigans go together, plus they help keep your warmth in mild weather without making you uncomfortable. I’ve also been super obsessed with joggers lately; I’ve got a few more I will show you in future posts in other colors and textures. For this post I’m rocking my latest pair of army green joggers from Nordstrom. They’re so comfy, and also they are warm (even they might suggest the opposite). To finish this look, I’m also wearing my pair of Lugano shoes from 1901 also from Nordstrom. I really love this color (mahogany is super “in” this fall/winter season) and I’m also wearing low-cut socks that match my shirt’s color (I like these tiny details). Finally, in the last pictures you can see me rocking a gray H&M coat which was really a bargain. I got it for like $100 last winter season and it’s one of my favorite coats because of how easy it is to combine with different colors. It looks good with anything, and I can either button it or zip it up. So what do you think? Are you going to start mixing scarves and cardigans for the cold season?

I want to once again thank Lourdez for the beautiful photos, hopefully we’ll be collaborating more in the future. I also want to thank all of you, my readers, for keeping this blog alive with your comments, views, and reads. Your support through all means has been amazing, and you motivate me to continue improving my craft, from my writing skills, to the outfits I’m wearing, to my pictures, to the layout of the blog. Basically, everything I do is thanks to you. Upcoming is Thanksgiving and I can’t wait to share with you my Thanksgiving dinner outfit. For the time being, remember to wear bold outfits and to keep being stylish. Till the next! Early Happy Thanksgiving!

Coat H&M, Shirt J Crew, Cardigan Abercrombie and Fitch, Scarf Johnston & Murphy, Joggers The Rail from Nordstrom, Shoes 1901 from Nordstrom

  1. OMG THOSE JOGGERS!!!!! They look so good on you! This set of photos is great. And I’ve been looking for that letterman sweater from A&F, so thank you for sharing! I’m thinking of getting Mitch one 🙂 Love the new site and new look! Keep going, mi amigo!

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    1. Thank you Kim!!! You should definitely check A&F out on Black Friday because they usually have very good discounts! You have to arrive super early though, the best discounts last for just a few hours. And thanks for the love ❤ as always!!



  2. Tiny! First of all love the new site! looks cleaner more professional, very well done. Also with a better quality pictures, sometimes its hard to find someone to help you with this.

    It’s good that you tag the items so people know where to find them to get a similar look or use them as they want.

    Like the outfit, especially the colors for the time of weather. I think the cardigan and jacket it’s what makes it. The no socks with the loafers is daring for the time of year haha, especially in Seattles weather.

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    1. Thanks Pablo! I’m so glad that you liked the new site and thanks for reading :). Yeah I started tagging the items exactly for that reason, and sometimes I’m thinking about also tagging similars for like lower-priced versions and stuff that’s no longer available, so please keep posted. Let’s do a collab when I go back to Monterrey!



  3. I gotta seat down with you 🙂 – You are such an exquisite Mexican in our region, and I do have some questions. Thumbs up.



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